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  Go Global Pay Local 

WorldSIM Roam Free is an Award Winning prepaid global SIM card that can save travellers from all over the world up to 85% on their international roaming charges. With WorldSIM you can now ‘Go Global’ yet ‘Pay Local’.

FREE international roaming

WorldSIM is an Award-Winning prepaid SIM card which allows you to make and receive international calls on your mobile without incurring expensive charges when you roam

WorldSIM Roam Free

Go Global. Pay Local.

Receive calls for free in over 90 countries including popular holiday and business destinations Make outgoing calls from only $0.25/min

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One Global Number.

No matter where your travels take you, with your WorldSIM Global Number(over 175 countries) you can be reached almost anywhere in the world. Stay connected with just one number! 
  • One Number across the World No matter where your travels take you, with your 360Global Mobile Number you can be reached almost anywhere in the world on our network coverage of 750 Networks Globally. Stay connected Globally with just one number
    • One Sim, Multiple Numbers a UK (+44) mobile number as standard number, which you can use across the world. You can also use a USA (+1) number on the same sim card when you are in the USA or Canada. Recieve Free Incoming Calls while roaming on your US number.
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Stay Connected

Browse the web across the world with data roaming from as little as $0.20/Mb. 

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Use WorldSIM for Business.

WorldSIM is designed to significantly slash mobile roaming charges
for business users using their mobile phone abroad.

WorldSIM can cut your business travel costs

Consider just one simple example:

Vikram goes to Singapore 20 days in a year
He receives 5 calls on each trip each lasting 5 minutes
He makes 10 calls to India on each trip each lasting 3 minutes
He sends 2 SMS to the UK on each trip
He is normally a Vodafone customer

Vikram reduced his monthly mobile bill by over 57,640

WorldSIM Airtel Vodafone Aircel Tata
Calls Received FREE 50,000 29,000 22,500 25,000
Calls Made 27,840 90,000 57,000 39,000 39,000
SMS 1,120 1,000 600 600 600
Total 28,960 1,41,000 86,600 62,100 64,600
Saving   1,12,040 57,640 33,140 35,640


Key features for business users

Stay in touch with your clients or colleagues when you travel abroad for business or pleasure. WorldSIM's coverage includes all popular business and tourists destinations, meaning you never have to be disconnected.

  • Free incoming calls in over 90 countries
  • Call coverage in over 220 countries
  • Free real time itemized billing
  • Free call forwarding
  • Free Voicemail, including voicemail to Email
  • Comes with UK(+44) and US(+1) mobile number
  • Auto top up facility so you never run out of credit
  • Conference calling facility from your handset or internet
  • No connection charges, no minimum usage requirements 

Save 85% when you travel abroad...

Using your mobile when you travel abroad can end you up with an extremely large mobile phone could even end up spending more than the cost of the trip itself

Use the calculator below to work out how much you would save in comparison to your standard network provider.


Kajal saved over 30,720 on her 10 days holiday

Kajal went on a 10 day holiday to the United Arab Emirates

Each day she received 5 calls each of 3 minutes, a total of 150 minutes during her stay

Each day she made 5 calls to India each of 2 minutes, a total of 100 minutes during her stay

She sends 30 SMS to India in total

She is normally an Vodafone customer

WorldSIM Airtel Vodafone Aircel Tata
Calls Received FREE 15,000 17,250 9,750 18,750
Calls Made 4,640 15,000 18,500 12,000 18,500
SMS 840 750 450 450 450
Total 5,480 30,750 36,200 22,200 37,700
Saving   25,270 30,720 16,720 32,220

Disclaimer : The information of Indian operators
rates have been taken from the respective company websites as on Oct 15, 2009. For exact comparison and other charges levied by your respective operators, please check with your respective operators.



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