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Tariffs and Coverage

For numbers beginning with 079245, 077000, 078722

We’ve taken the guesswork out of using your mobile phone abroad - whether you are making or receiving calls. We have split the world into 6 zones for simple straight-forward easy to use flat rate roaming pricing for both calls & texts with our SIM card.


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Our Award Winning Roaming Tariffs at a glance

We have organised all countries by Zones. Simply find the Zone of the country you are roaming in and the Zone of the country you are calling to. Then look down in the table and find the corresponding rate. It’s  as simple and as easy as that!

Calls To:
Calls From:
Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6

Zone1 $0.48 $0.76 $0.83 $0.86 $0.69 $0.88
Zone2 $0.70 $0.96 $1.16 $1.19 $0.99 $1.21
Zone3 $0.83 $1.09 $1.29 $1.32 $1.12 $1.34
Zone4 $1.03 $1.29 $1.49 $1.52 $1.32 $1.54
Zone5 $1.50 $1.76 $1.96 $1.99 $1.79 $2.01
Zone6 $2.75 $3.00 $3.20 $3.23 $3.03 $3.25

Rates are stated in per minute.
Calls to premium numbers may incur surcharges

All prices are exclusive of VAT. Only calls and SMSs originating/starting in Zone 1 will be subject to VAT

Calls to and from the following countries may incur additional surcharges as follows
*1 $0.15/min
*2 $0.30/min
*3 $0.75/min
*4 $1.00/min

An incoming call surcharge applies to the following countries

*5 $1.50/min
*6 $0.50/min
*7 Incoming calls in Zone 1 & 2 will be charged at USD 0.20/min on WEEKENDS ONLY. The weekend rate will apply from midnight on Friday to midnight on Sunday GMT time. Please note, these countries will continue to be FREE receiving countries at all other times.
* Sales tax where applicable not included in rates
* Calls received on US number will incur an extra $0.25

Call rates calculated per minute.

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